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  1. Mrs. Weis. I don't know how aggresively you, or maybe more specifically, WotC protect the characters from Dragonlance. I am a member of a christian forum on a
    different server. recently there has been a thread about new homosexuality laws. There is a poster there who uses the name Raistlin, and unfortunately he has
    been posting some serious "gay bashing" post on that board under that name. I have known the lady who runs that forum for 13 years, and I sent her a message
    saying that I didn't believe the authors who created that character would approve of that name being used in that manner. I believe she will correct the problem,
    However, if she doesn't, I know she would correct it if you sent her a message. IF she doesn't correct it (Which like I said, I believe she will) is something of this nature something I should bring to your, or WotC attention?
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