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  1. Greetings your Dark Majesty. I was wondering if you've heard of anyone doing an Avatar (I'm referring to the James Cameron movie) RPG? I'm currently working on a d20 3.5-compatible write-up, but would like to know of anything official. If no one's doing one yet, I hope that MWP is chosen to work on the game. The movie was fantastic, and I can't wait until part two comes out circa 2014.
  2. Ms. Weis, you've inspired hundreds of people with the work you and Tracy Hickman have created. I don't know why Wizards relegated DL to alternate publishers, but I am glad that you've been able to keep it alive throughout 3.0/3.5 and I hope you will keep it going on through 4ed and whatever other changes WotC makes. R. A. Salvatore may have introduced me to the Realms through Drizzt Do'Urden, but you and Tracy brought me to Krynn (and I'm pretty sure it was through one of Fizban's messed up spells; either that or something Tasslehoff did ) and made it a major part of my life. So, thank you for all you've done. Your ever-faithful KenderBryant.
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