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  1. Dear Queen,
    I was pleased to meet you, some yaers ago, in Lucca at Lucca Comics and you kindly signed my Dragonlance Chronicles book.
    The book is still in my bookcase, and it is the most precious to me between many others of dragonlance Saga.
    You probably do not remember me but I'm very glad to have met you. (I was the woman that was wearing a pink shirt that you seemed to appreciate )
    I am not a little girl, I am married and I have three sons but I still dreams about flying Drakes and I still have joy in playing role-games. I didn't tell my sons about Cinderella or Whitesnow, but I tell them that: "once upon the time there were drakes in the sky of Krynn and a hero called Huma..."
    Thank you very much for Raistlin and Tass and Fizban and Sturm and Bupu and Flint... and for all the heroes you created for us.

    Good bye my dear Queeen

    Enrica, form Italy.
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