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01-26-2006, 09:01 AM
The end of the book has a couple of surprises that knocked me for a loop when I first read this series.

Firstly Shaon dying was totally unexpected. I really liked her character a lot, she had a more grounded point of view than most of the others, a firmer grip on the limitations of the Heroes of the Heart and unlike Rig she wasn't out for any and every piece of tail that walked by. :rolleyes: She loved only two things Rig and the sea and I could totally respect that. Rereading again now for the bookclub, I did notice a sense of impending doom about her, she always seemed to be worried that about surviving these “colossal battles against titanic foes” (paraphrasing slightly ;) )

Secondly, the little reveal of Dhamon's former life as a Knight of Takhisis. I have to admit that I was expecting this one from the very first appearance of Dhamon at the Tomb of the Heroes in Solace. He always had the air of a man seeking redemption for the sins of his past. That said I never expected that Dhamon would know Khellendros' lieutenant Gale, that was a neat little twist what with Gale responsible for Shaon's death. I found it almost funny when Feril “recoils" from Dhamon after she finds out he was once a Knight of Takhisis when she was quite willing to go to the Dark Knights earlier seeking aid against Frost and for freeing Southern Ergoth. Hypocrite much? :rolleyes:

And lastly Dhamon dying. Does anyone really and truly think Dhamon actually bought the big one at the end of this novel? I have the sneaking suspicion that this plunge into the lake won't finish off such an indestructible hero as Dhamon Grimwulf, but maybe that is just me. :p

01-26-2006, 04:08 PM

Oh, you mean mean man. Stop telling them all the big juicy details! :p
And Shaon dying was awful! It made Rig a pretty one-sided character (even more than he already was) ...

Weldon Chen
01-26-2006, 05:16 PM
The end of the book has a couple of surprises that knocked me for a loop when I first read this series.

I think it was the level of revelation that surprised me. it was over the top. So, I might have expected a death, since the young kender was killed so easily. but to know that dhamon and the dragon knew each other? Mind blowing.