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09-23-2004, 07:36 AM
Having got Lord of the Rings Risk, and having played Godstorm and Risk 2210, and really liking some of the things each have done, I've started work on making my own version of Dragonlance Risk. If anyone has any ideas about cool things I could do with it, please post them. So far, what I have is the map of Ansalon, divided into various vaguely related areas, and then thrown in a couple of extra territories to cut down on the number of different 'continents'. If anyone can tell me what the area just south of Tarsis is called (other than 'The Plains of Dust' - currently I'm running with 'Cold Plains', due to proximity to Icereach), I'd be quite grateful.

The game starts with territories divided between players, as per normal Risk - we didn't want to do the LotR thing with splitting up areas into Good and Evil. Each turn, a player gets a random Adventure card (like the LotR ones), and can play those at any time, and they turn over an Event card. The Event cards are split into three piles - War of the Lance, Chaos War, and Dragon Purge. The War of the Lance describe random happenings in the War of the Lance, and one card ends it, starting the Chaos War. These random happenings are like 'Dragonlances Forged', and Dragonlance Adventure cards can then be played, and so on. We currently need more of these.

The Chaos War deck has a card for each continent, and a die is rolled to see which country has an invasion of Chaos troops. These then replace all units with 5 Chaos troops, and at the start of each player's turn, they elect to attack with one of them in one direction. If they take a territory, they move all but one Chaos troop there. Eventually, the Chaos War ends card is played, and it moves onto the Dragon Purge.

What we (meaning the people I play all these versions of Risk with) like about these other versions of Risk is that the game ends earlier than the utter destruction of all but one player - the One Ring is undone, or just 'turns' run out - but this also leads to bad Risk playing - each person, believing that they will probably be the last to have a turn, attack all out, leaving themselves overexposed and weak, but technically winning, by having more territories, and by having taken one territory from other player's continents. This is what we've tried to solve with the Dragon Purge.

The cards in the Dragon Purge deck have a continent, and the Dragon Overlord (or whatever) that settles there. This then removes that continent from play - no reinforcements are gained, no attacks can be made into or out of, or within that continent, because the Dragon says no. Mayls's arrival would for example remove Goodlund from play, and Sable removes Blode. We need a little more help here as well, because we can't think of some 5th Age related thing to do to Kern, Khur, Southern Solamnia or Northern Ergoth. The Dragon Purge ends with The Great Storm (meaning also that we can take out the Blood Sea Isles with the Night of Blood).

That's the bulk of how we've done it anyway. If anyone's interested in hearing the rest, I can come back later and finish telling exactly what we've done - with the leaders, for example - but I don't have the notes on me at the moment, and mostly, we need ideas for more WotL specific things.

Many thanks.

09-23-2004, 08:28 PM
What a awesome idea! I love it! I would deffinatly play a DL Risk espically since I love normal Risk.

09-23-2004, 11:53 PM
OMG, they have LotR Risk? I'm soo buying it :D Sorry, I only read the first sentence, I have short attention span... Oh look, TV! *waddles over to the TV and watches it*

[Edit: Ok, I actually lived through reading the entire post this time, and I must say it is an awshsome idea to have DL Risk. You should get it patented, then start mass-producing them with sweatshop labour. Oh heck, I'll even sell you my brother for free labour :D]

09-24-2004, 12:30 AM
LotR risk sounds a lot better than it actually plays. Risk 2210 is a much better game.

09-24-2004, 03:57 AM
your on to a good idea but what do you mean by continents do you mean a hole world map of krynn or are you refering to only defernt realms in Abonisia(spelt wrong i know)

with the choas war what you should do is have every realm fief province invaded up choas armies that way every player has to hold off and makes it very hard to take land when they have to fight every turn to hold the lands they have

and instead of haveing evil and good like lotr haveing armies that can fight each other what i mean is the realm cards you normally get with say one cannon or a horse bloke etc could have two options one a dark one light so for example if you capture Taris you get 1 light bloke or if you dark you get 3 dark guys but this light dark dosnt afect your sides since high lords will kill each other as will Northian ergothians cavaliers and solamina Knights

just some ideas but your concept is cool

09-24-2004, 07:51 AM
The cards in the Dragon Purge deck have a continent, and the Dragon Overlord (or whatever) that settles there. This then removes that continent from play - no reinforcements are gained, no attacks can be made into or out of, or within that continent, because the Dragon says no. Mayls's arrival would for example remove Goodlund from play, and Sable removes Blode. We need a little more help here as well, because we can't think of some 5th Age related thing to do to Kern, Khur, Southern Solamnia or Northern Ergoth. The Dragon Purge ends with The Great Storm (meaning also that we can take out the Blood Sea Isles with the Night of Blood).
Many thanks.

What a great idea! Your RISK version sounds excellent, actually it starts to expand RISK system nicely. Too, bad the interesting games are never published (offcourse you never know if some right person sees this...).

Please, do send more info about this to this threat! Have you allready created a map in digital format (just like to see how continent is divided)?

Here's some ideas for those continents/areas you asked:
Kern - Ogre Titan uprising!
Khur - Malystrix expansion (can't be played before arrival of Malystrix).
Northern Ergoth - Barbarian war! Local barbarians just start war. This hasn't really happened, but I guess it's very possible.
Southern Solamnia - Attack of Undead! Can't be played before The Great Storm. Means Mina is coming...

09-24-2004, 08:16 AM
good ideas though i dont think there are barbirians in northian ergoth since its a kingdom witch was once the largest in the world and now it has a fine order of knights so maybe a civial war could erupt there betwen difernt cavaliars or something

09-25-2004, 12:27 PM
The ‘Continents’, Territories, and value. This maybe a little controversial in places, but eventually, I had to go by this just so there weren’t about a billion different continents. This is also preliminary stuff, so if anyone can come up with better stuff, please suggest. For example, I’m happy calling the ‘continent’ Taman Busuk, but not so happy that it also contains a territory called Taman Busuk. Jelek would not be a replacement – it’s too small, and the territory too large.

Northern Ergoth, including Gunthar, Mt Nevermind, Empire of Ergoth, Northern Empire of Ergoth, Sikk’et Hul, Kenderhome. 4
Southern Ergoth, including Domain of Daltigoth, Eastwatch, Elven Lands, Plains of Kri, Cristyne, Enstar and Nostar. 5
Free Lands, including Abanasinia, Qualinesti, Wayreth, Schallsea, Plains of Dergoth and Tarsis. 4
Thorbardin, including Klarbardin, Theiwarin, Theibardin, Hybardin, New Daebardin, Agharbardin, Daerforge and Daerbardin. x
South East Ansalon, including Icereach, Cold Plains, Plains of Dust, Missing City, Silvanesti and Silvanost. 4
Blode, including Blode, Shrentak, Sanction and Thoradin. 1
Kern, including Endscape, Kern, Ogrelands, Khur and Kuri-Khan. 2
Goodlund, including Balifor, Kendermore, Northern Dairly Plains and Southern Dairly Plains. 2
Blood Sea Isles, including Misty Isle, Kothas, Mithas, Karthay and Saifhum. 2
Taman Busuk, including Nordmaar, Teyr, The Great Moors, Taman Busuk, Neraka and Estwilde. 5
Northern Solamnia, including Coastlund, Palanthas, Northern Waste, Plains of Solamnia, Kalaman and Nightlund. 4
Southern Solamnia, including Southlund, Garnet, Heartlund, Lemish and Throt. 3

Thorbardin is a cool additional thing we’ve added to the game, based on the Underworld in Godstorm. The eight cities each have a troop on them, and cannot receive reinforcements in the preliminary placing stage or in the reinforcement stage during the game. Instead, each city gains 1 reinforcement each turn. Theibardin is connected to the North Gate, and Daerbardin is connected to the South Gate. Troops may attack from either of these places into the Thorbardin territory on the main map, at which point they are normal troops and counted as such. If you ‘attack’ the territory and already own it, you may move up to one troop per Gate from within Thorbardin to the Thorbardin territory. Battles can take place within Thorbardin as normal, plus troops from the Thorbardin territory may attack either the North or South Gates (and therefore into Theibardin/Daerbardin). Alternatively, you can just have Thorbardin as part of the Free Lands.

War of the Lance Event cards:
Prisoners of Xak Tsaroth – Each player rolls a die. The player with the highest roll gains immediate reinforcements equal to their roll minus the lowest opposing roll.
Draconians Spawned – Evil gains 4 immediate reinforcements, and an additional one on Sanction at the start their reinforcement phase if they control it.
Flying Citadel – Evil places the Flying Citadel in any territory. It grants defenders +1 to their highest die roll. Attackers may elect to fly the Citadel during an attack, granting +1 to the highest die roll, but it may only advance one territory per turn in this way.
Hammer of Kharas – Play at any time to gain three immediate reinforcements in Thorbardin, or to open the gates.
Dragonlances Forged – Dragonlance Adventure cards may now be played.
Dragon Eggs Discovered – The forces of Good gain an immediate three dragons.
Dragon Orb – Play at any time to force a dragon to attack a neighbouring territory until it is destroyed, or it takes the territory.
Battle of the High Clerist’s Tower – The forces of Good lose one Hero of their choice, and gain 6 immediate reinforcements.
The Perechon Sinks – Remove all your Heroes from the board. At the start of your next turn, return them all to the board, in any territories you control.
Takhisis is Defeated – Discard the remaining WotL cards, and start the Chaos War cards.

Chaos War cards just list the continents and the territories in them. You roll a die to see which territory is invaded. Invasion means that all troops are removed (surprise attack) and replaced with 5 Chaos troops. Yes, they can use the Flying Citadel, and nearly got it during our first play test. Roll a die to see which territory the Chaos troops attack into. It ends with…

The Second Cataclysm – Discard the remaining Chaos War cards, and start the Dragon Purge cards. Remove all but one Chaos troop from each territory that they control. Remove all dragons from the board.

Dragon Purge cards remove continents from the game, slowly and randomly shutting down combats for fairer endgame play. Goodlund has Malys, Blode has Sable, Taman Busuk has Lorrinar, Mohrlex and Fenalysten, Blood Sea Isles has the Night of Blood, Northern Solamnia has Skie, Southern Ergoth has Frost, Free Lands have Beryl, South East Ansalon has Stenndunuus, Iyesta and the Shield, and The Great Storm finishes the game.

I think I would’ve added Rise of the Titans as the one to remove Kern, if it weren’t for the fact that the Titans are more in Blode, which has Sable already. Thanks for the suggestion though – might add some ogre titan cards in somewhere.

Personally, I would have liked to have moving territories (for example, Wayreth) and continent borders, but it’s too difficult to do. Godstorm has it ok with ‘Atlantis sinks’, because you just cover that part of the board up, but it’s not so easy to change other bits. Hey, at least we have Thorbardin.

09-25-2004, 12:28 PM
And in no particular order, the Adventure cards we've made so far:

Dragonlance (x6) - Play when a territory containing a Hero comes under attack by a dragon. Destroy that dragon.
Storm's Keep - Place a stronghold in any territory you control.
Tower of High Sorcery - Place a stronghold in any territory you control.
Castle Eastwatch - Place a stronghold in any territory you control.
Towers of E'li - Place a stronghold in any territory you control.
Pax Tharkas - Place a stronghold in any territory you control.
Citadel of Light - Whoever controls Schallsea gains a stronghold and two extra battalions in that territory.
Academy of Sorcery - Whoever controls Abanasinia gains a stronghold and two extra battalions in that territory.
Whitestone Council - Play immediately. If Good forces control Gunthar, they gain three troops in that territory. If it is controlled by Evil forces, remove three (leaving minimum of 1).
Dark Knights Attack - Play immediately. If Evil forces control Kalaman, they gain three troops in that territory. If it is controlled by Good forces, remove three (leaving minimum of 1).
Hero - Good gain Sturm OR Evil gain Steel.
Hero - Good gain Caramon OR Evil gain Kitiara.
Hero - Good gain Goldmoon OR Evil gain Verminaard.
Hero - Good gain Porthios OR Evil gain Targonne.
Hero - Good gain Kerianseray OR Evil gain Ariakan.
Hero - Good gain Tanis OR Evil gain Ariakas.
(these Heroes simply grant +1 to highest attack/defence rolls)
Hero - Good gain Tas - Tas allows rerolls of 1s in attack or defence OR Evil gain Lord Soth - Lord Soth adds 1 bonus reinforcement at the end of his turn to the territory containing him.
Hero - Good gain Palin - Palin counteracts the effects of attacking enemy heroes OR Evil gain Dalamar - +1 to highest die rolls. Dalamar may move to any territory at the start of the player's turn.
Hero - Good gain Laurana - +1 to highest die rolls. +1 to any attack die from a dragon OR Evil gain Raistlin - Raistlin destroys one adjacent enemy troop automatically at the start of the turn.
Thorbardin Closes (x2) - Thorbardin is removed from play.
Thorbardin Opens (x2) - Thorbardin is returned to play.
Thy time is thy own - Look at the top three Event cards. Rearrange in any order on the top or bottom of the deck.
Elaborate Evacuation Plan - Play when one of your territories come under attack. Move all but one of your troops to a neighboring territory you control and destroy up to three attacking troops, or one attacking dragon.
Last Stand - Play when you are defending a territory with 1 remaining troop. You may roll two defence dice and take the highest when defending that territory for the rest of the turn.
Bad Navigation - Play when an opponent makes a troop movement. Place the troops in any other territory that player controls.
Motivating Speech - Gain two extra troops in any one territory containing a Hero.
Blue Crystal Staff - Regain any one dead Hero. Place in any territory you control.
Disks of Mishakal - Play after a combat. Roll a 6 sided die and regain that many fallen troops.
Minotaur Fleet - Play when making a seaborne attack. Add one to your highest die roll for the duration of the attack.
Turbidus Leeches - Play when attacked by sea. Destroy up to three attacking troops.
Teleport (possibly rename to 'Walk the corridors of magic', or whatever the actual DL line is) - Move any one Hero to any territory you control.
Sivaks - Place three troops in any territory you control, or attack any territory on the board with three troops.
Skull Knight Inquisition - Choose an opponent, and then look at their Adventure cards.
Guerrilla Tactics - Choose an enemy territory and destroy half the troops, rounding up, to a maximum of three. Dragons and Heroes are unaffected.
Pre-Cataclysmic Map - Choose one port on the map. That port no longer exists.
Siege Engines - Destroy a stronghold you are attacking. This card will not affect the Flying Citadel.
Food Shortages - Until the end of selected player's next turn, territories in one continent of your choice do not count towards gaining new troops.
Chicken Feathers - Re-roll any one dice roll.
Kender Luck - Add two to any one die roll.
Gnomeflingers - You may troop move through enemy territory. This is in addition to your normal troop movement.
Forced March - You may make up to three troop movements at the end of your turn.

I think that’s most of what we’ve done. Except I’ve not explained dragons yet. Silly me. Dragons can be purchased as normal during the reinforcement phase, and cost 5 troops. Dragons attack with 3 dice, and defend with 2, and can sustain 3 hits before dying each turn. This means that when you attack, if you roll 3 1s, the dragon will survive. Dragons also have the ability to fly, which means they can hop over a territory and attack the one behind it. This is much fun when breaking up someone’s continent, but will typically end in the dragon’s death, as the player whose continent just died will want it back. This is also what’s so much fun about the Chaos War. As each player draws the Event card, a bunch of troops are wiped out, and players have to focus on reclaiming their fragmented continents rather than attacking each other. It also, on average, means that the player who is in the lead will suffer the most damage, especially if they lose their Flying Citadel to a Chaos attack.

Hmm. Should probably also explain turn order and four player games. Turn order is Reinforcement stage, Event card drawn, Chaos attacks, Combat, Manoeuvre, Adventure card added to hand, Territory card claimed (if you took a territory). Territory cards work as in LotR Risk – 3 footmen = 4 bonus reinforcements, 3 cavalry = 6, 3 dragons = 8, one of each = 10.

Four player games include two Good and two Evil players, and each card that specifies Good or Evil without the player getting a choice means the two players roll off. Or you take pity on whoever’s doing the worst, and give it to them. So for example, Draconians Spawned would give one or t’other bonus reinforcements immediately, whereas Hero cards would grant the player who drew it the relevant Hero. Absolutely no idea how this is balanced for three players. Any suggestions would be welcome. And thanks to those of you who have shown interest in one of my projects! It makes a welcome change.


09-26-2004, 04:35 AM
it is great a mate and i tryed out what you have given us and we came up with a few ideas mainly on extra cards but mainly we think the game works well we actually changed the games workshop game called Lord of the rings staratergy battle game and i am curently working on that and i should post it too

09-26-2004, 09:30 PM
LotR risk sounds a lot better than it actually plays. Risk 2210 is a much better game.
I have LoTR risk and it's a totally awesome game but kinda hard to play. :D

09-26-2004, 09:31 PM
I have LoTR risk and it's a totally awesome game but kinda hard to play. :D

i also have LoTR Risk. It's fun. It's not too bad. But literally, it has way too many extra rules.

09-27-2004, 04:30 AM
How does LotR Risk have too many extra rules? Let's see... there's adventure cards, leaders, strongholds, the Fellowship...

Nope, that's about it. Ports are the same, except they bounce all over the place rather than remain straight dotty lines. Hell, they've even elected to simplify the territory card reinforcements (being 4/6/8/10 each time rather than an increase you have to keep track of each time).