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08-26-2004, 05:14 PM
In my campaign, all playable races receive two bonus racial feats for free. Here is a list of the races I have so far (on a planetary scale, as many of these races can be found on other continents/lands), and some possible racial feats. I will add up to 3 favored classes to each race as soon as I get a good list of class abbreviations. For example Hill Dwarves will probably be: Fighter, Barbarian, Ranger [Fgt, Brb, Rng]


Introductory Races (LA +0 to +3)
Race Ref. LA Favored Classes Racial Feats
Black Goblin* MM I +0 Alertness
Dwarf, Dark DLCS +0 Endurance, Toughness
Dwarf, Gully DLCS +0
Dwarf, Hill DLCS +0 Endurance, Toughness
Dwarf, Mountain DLCS +0 Endurance, Toughness
Elan XPH +0
Elf, Kagonesti DLCS +0 Alertness,
Elf, Silvanesti DLCS +0 Alertness,
Elf, Qualinesti DLCS +0 Alertness,
Gnome DLCS +0
Gnome, Mad DLCS +0
Gnome, Wild SOS +0
Goblin MM I +0 Alertness
Half-Elf DLCS +0 Alertness, x1 players choice
Half-Kender AOM +0
Human DLCS +0 x2 players choice
Kender DLCS +0 Alertness
Kender, Afflicted DLCS +0 Alertness
Kobold MM I +0 Alertness
Korobokuru OA +0
Lupins DM#325 +0
Maenad XPH +0
Minotaur DLCS +0 Scent (MM I), Hulking-Brute (DLCS)
Nezumi OA +0
Spirit Folk OA +0
Vanaras OA +0
Xeph XPH +0
Bakali* MM I +1 Multiattack
Bugbear MM I +1 Alertness, Weapon Focus (morningstar)
Centaur, Wendle BOK +1
Draconian, Baaz DLCS +1
Dromite XPH +1
Durgar XPH +1
Elf, Avariel* Special +1 Eyes of the Hawk (Q.Elf)
Improved Low-light Vision (Q. Elf)
Elf, Dimernesti DLCS +1
Gnoll MM I +1 Power Attack
Gurik Cha'ahl BOK +1 Track
Half-Giant XPH +1
Half-Ogre DLCS +1
Hobgoblin MM I +1 Alertness
PT, Aasimars MM I +1 Improved Initiative
PT, Tiefling MM I +1
Taylang BOK +1 Power Attack
Half-Air Elem. DM# 326 +1
Half-Earth Elem. DM# 326 +1
Half-Fire Elemen. DM# 326 +1
Half-Water Elemen. DM# 326 +1
Hengeyokai OA +1
Centaur DLCS +2 Endurance
Draconian, Kapak DLCS +2
Elf, Dargonesti DLCS +2
Githyanki XPH +2
Githzerai XPH +2
Grimlock MM I +2 Alertness, Track
Irda DLCS +2 Magical Aptitude
Ogre DLCS +2 Great Fortitude, Toughness
Tayfol BOK +2
Troglodyte MM I +2 Multiattack, Weapon Focus (Javelin)
Ursoi BOK +2 Alertness, Endurance
Satyr MM I +2
Slig BOK +2 Alertness, Stealthy
Saqualaminoi BOK +2 Endurance, Toughness
Thri-Kreen XPH +2
Draconian, Bozak DL.com +3
Kyrie BOK +3 Great Fortitude, Weapon Finesse

Intermediate Races (LA +4 to +7)
Race Ref. LA Favored Classes Racial Feats
Dopplegangers MM I +4 Dodge, Great Fortitude
Pixies MM I +4 Alertness, Dodge
Scorpionfolk MM I +4 Alertness, Multiattack
Gargoyle MM I +5 Multiattack, Thoughness
Troll MM I +5 Alertness, Iron Will
Treant SS +5 Improved Sunder, Iron Will
Rakshaasa MM I +7 Alertness, Dodge

Bakali: Use stats for lizardmen from MM I.

Black Goblin: Use stats for Orcs from MM I.

Formians: They are modified from the MM I to lose their Outsider traits and have been changed to monstrous humanoid instead.

Elf, Avariel: Modified from Dragon Magazine #238 and Q.Elf.

08-26-2004, 08:39 PM
I don't know if this will help, but here's a link (http://www.dl3e.com/fan/rules/skills.aspx) of fan-made feats. I know I've used a few in my DL campaigns.

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Update #1

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Update #2, Introductory races.


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Update #3, added Intermediate Races entry, Oriental Adventures and Expanded Psionics Handbook races.